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Queen Square Archive

The Queen Square Archive collections ( are housed in and managed by the Queen Square Library. They comprise the archives belonging to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) and those of UCL Institute of Neurology (IoN).

The archive collections of the NHNN include:

An extensive collection of 1500 bound volumes of case notes covering the years 1863-1946. Extensive administrative records for the Hospital from 1859 – 1946. This includes Annual Reports, Minutes, financial records and correspondence;Employment records for all categories of staff from 1860-1946;Patient admission registers and other health records;Deeds, plans and insurance documents;Over 3,000 photographs.

The King\'s Fund Digital Archive

The Digital Archive contains all publications produced by the King\'s Fund from the turn of the 20th century to the present - around 2000 publications. They cover the broad area of health management and policy, including commissioning, hospital design, workforce, competition, governance, regulation, integrated care, NHS reform, quality of care, health services, social care, patient experience and leadership.

The Woman\'s Library @ LSE

Wellcome Images

Wellcome Library Genetics Books Project

Wellcome Library-RAMC Digitisation

The Royal Navy – Journals of the Royal Navy Medical Service

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Ligatus Research Centre-Fred Boissonnas: The Sinai Expeditions 1929-1933

UCL SEESS Library-Europeana Travel Digitisation Project