It’s been our busiest couple of years ever at Bespoke, and we’re very happy to have worked with our great clients on some fantastic collections to produce some of our finest work to date.

We have constantly tried to keep our methodologies and practises up to date, and have invested in new technology to help us to that end, and as always have strived to produce perfect digital facsimiles of our clients collections.
We have also been working on our own design for a new capture device with one of the top reprographic companies in the world, taking advice from conservation departments and our own photographers along the way, more news on that to come.

As well as working on many projects for clients old and new, in 2016 we decided to collaborate with our friends over at Numen Europe in Luxembourg, and will be working along side them for the next two years Digitising Archive collections at the Wellcome Library in London.

With both companies having worked together already on collaborations in the UK and Europe, we decided that working together we could combine all of our expertise and resources to provide a service to institutions in the UK that is second to none, and so far we are seeing excellent results.

Over the last 8 months our on site team in London has produced 300,000 images of material in the RAMC collection held at the Wellcome Library, with all work being undertaken on site, from photography, through a 100% QC procedure-content conversion and delivery.
With help from Diarmuid Mitchell, we also produced a short film about the project, including some footage of the studio and some images captured during the first few months of the project, click below to watch;

The rest of 2017 already looks very busy but we will try and update this page with more info soon, a big thanks to everyone we have worked with this year!

Below are some links related to the Archive Digitisation Project at The Wellcome Library;